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Pooches on the Patio

Steve Longo, owner of Tofflers Pub and Grill in New Glarus, willingly jumped through all the hoops required to transform his outdoor patio from the exclusionary “no dogs allowed” to the more friendly “dogs are welcome!”  A recent change to the rules allows restaurants to apply for a variance to let dogs accompany their owners in outside seating areas. 

“Customers kept asking if they could bring their dogs, and we also have a crew of regulars who all adopted dogs at the same time,” says Steve, who refers to last summer’s trial run as the “Dog Days of Tofflers.”  The change required a bit of education for servers (no petting the dogs), diners (no sharing food from your table with Fido), and dogs (no excessive barking, please!) 

Your four-legged friends are invited to join you on the lower patio at Tofflers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Water bowls are provided; poop bags complimentary.

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