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All Fired Up

The history of firefighting dates back to ancient Rome. Other than the occasional bucket brigade, many local communities - New Glarus included - didn’t have an organized firefighting system in place until municipal water was made available.

The replica Feuer Wehr Haus (Fire House) at the Swiss Historical Village houses New Glarus Fire Department’s first piece of equipment - a 1902 ladder rig and hose cart which would have been pulled by a running team of volunteer firemen. Today’s NGFD volunteers keep this tradition alive by running parade routes and delighting audiences as they pause to brace the ladder upright while one quick and agile firefighter climbs to the top.

Join the fun this Saturday, August 5 at FIREFEST in New Glarus.  Fire Truck Rides, Kid’s Waterfights, Kid’s Firefighter Challenge, Inflatable Rides, music and food. Click for more info.

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