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May 2017

Youngest Survivors of the Holocaust: Local Doctor Headlines Event in Belleville

Dr. Mark Olsky of Fitchburg will share his mother's story courtesy of the Belleville Public Library. Olsky's mother Rachel was one of three young, pregnant women profiled in the global best seller, Born Survivors. Written by Wendy Holden, the book chronicles the story of how the three women managed to not only survive a Nazi concentration camp, but keep their pregnancies hidden and successfully deliver their babies. These "babies", now in their seventies, went on to lead lives of public service, with Olsky treating thousands of patients right here in southern Wisconsin. "Born Survivors is really the story of our mothers," said Olsky. "They are the heroes who saved the three of us and because of their bravery, we've been blessed with the chance to help other people." Olsky is joined by survivor Hana Berger, along with Brian Petersohn, whose father administered medical treatment that saved baby Hana's life. Copies of Holden's book will be available for purchase. Sponsored by the Friends of the Belleville Public Library.