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February 2016

Trinket or Treasure

Got a Swiss or other family heirloom or collectible item that you always wondered what it was worth? Turner Hall's Swiss Heritage Series is again sponsoring Trinket or Treasure? II, a fun appraisal event with Mark Moran of Mark F. Moran Appraisals. Mr. Moran has also done appraisals for PBS' Antique Roadshow.

FREE appraisal for two items for all members of Turner Hall (New World Swiss Club, Monroe Swiss Singers) who are current on their 2016 dues. (Non-members, $15 per item.)

As an added perk, Mr. Moran will do in-house appraisals within 10 miles of Turner Hall for $75/hour, which is great for large or fragile items, or if you have a whole house-full of items!