What's happening

June 2018

Steinmann House Tours

The Monticello Area Historical Society is sponsoring an Open House of the Steinmann house at 554 S. Main. The home is a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired "Prairie Style Craftsman" that has been restored and refurbished by Jim Steinmann, grandson of the original builder. The tour will highlight historic photos, custom furnishings, and stained glass.

The family's business, Karlen & Steinmann Lumber Yard, employed many graduates of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

All funds raised will be used for a replacement elevator at the museum.

The Monticello Area Historical Society Museum, which includes a display of the Steinmann architecture, will also be open from 11 am. - 2 pm. It is located at 204 N Main Street in Monticello.

Suggested donation $10 per person.