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May 2016

Polka Power at Turner Hall

Polka Power California, is a high energy, Slovenian style, polka band from Sacramento, CA. Although, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, over 40 years ago, Polka Power has played on the west coast for several years, entertaining people of all ages. Whether it be for backyard parties, polka club dances, cruises, or under the flashy lights of Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada, this band is sure to bring you many hours of fun and entertainment. They have a powerful sound, with a Cleveland style flare, which can be referred to as the band's backbone. From European waltzes, to the high powered polkas, you will love the sounds of Polka Power California. Whether you are there to dance, or merely soak in the beautiful sound, the music will surely take you right down memory lane.

The band includes accordionist, Dan Fitterer, from Las Vegas, Nevada, who will blow you away with his skills on accordion and button-box, as well as vocals. Donna Clay, will be playing tenor sax, with sets of button-box music throughout the dance, taught by her father, Gary Seibert, who originated the band several years ago. Last, but certainly not least, is Mark Seibert on drums, who is clearly referred to as the "Power" behind "Polka Power". Mark plays the drums like no other polka drummer in the nation, with power and punch, and amazingly does it without a seatbelt or any other safety nets or devices.

The cost is $12.00.  Food will be available for sale.  Brats, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chips, Cookies & Bars.  Door opens at 12 noon.