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November 2016

Our Wisconsin Environment - the Waters of Wisconsin

Every day we draw upon the waters of Wisconsin for our sustenance and housekeeping, in our work and our play, as a source of health, prosperity, and inspiration. Flowing through our remote wild lands, our farms and forests, our small towns and suburbs, and our cities, water connects us. Wisconsin has a long tradition of careful stewardship of our waters, but we find ourselves facing long-standing challenges and emerging threats to our water resources and aquatic ecosystems. The state of our waters reflects our sense of shared responsibility for their health. Curt Meine will lead us in a critical discussion of how we are to sustain the waters that sustain us. Curt D. Meine is director for conservation biology and history with the Center for Humans and Nature, senior fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, research associate with the International Crane Foundation, and associate adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Meine has written and edited several books including most notably Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work He is coeditor of The Essential Aldo Leopold, both published by the University of Wisconsin Press. He is currently coediting a collection of essays titled the Driftless Reader.