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October 2016

Our Wisconsin Environment - the Land Ethic

As a guiding philosophy for our relationship with the natural world, the land ethic has deep roots in Wisconsin's conservation history. Curt Meine will trace that history, connecting the stories of Wisconsin's Native Americans, scientists, writers, educators, landowners, policy-makers, and citizen advocates. This can prepare us to ask the hard questions: How well are we living up to that legacy--in Wisconsin and beyond? What does the future hold for the land ethic as an evolving idea? Curt D. Meine is director for conservation biology and history with the Center for Humans and Nature, senior fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, research associate with the International Crane Foundation, and associate adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Meine has written and edited several books including most notably Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work He is coeditor of The Essential Aldo Leopold, both published by the University of Wisconsin Press. He is currently coediting a collection of essays titled the Driftless Reader.