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May 2017

35th Annual Bloody Lake Rendezvous

Each year, a group of these living historians host an annual rendezvous event at the appropriately historic Black Hawk Memorial Park near Woodford, WI. The Yellowstone Flint and Cap club has been hosting an annual rendezvous there for over 30 years, now. They invite other historians to come and camp for the fellowship, the raw competition, for the fun of it. Some historians spend those cold winter months, setting by the fireplace, making enough crafts to use as trade goods for the supplies or items they will need in the coming year. The leather worker may make an apron the blacksmith can use in his work or the gun maker will create a beautifully, handcrafted rifle in hopes of trading it for a buffalo hide that will keep him warm. The women tat lace, sew shirts and skirts or trade recipes.