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June 2017

3-D Wet Felting Art Class

Just what is three-dimensional wet felting? Join fiber artist Janis Merkle on Thursday, June 29 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at MAC to learn how to create your very own wet felt vessel. In only four hours, participants learn the basics of the wet felting process and then design, construct, and take home the vessel they have created. These vessels are created and shaped in one piece from wool fibers on a three-dimensional form. The application of water, heat, and agitation causes the wool fibers to meld into a solid felt that holds its shape. If desired, optional silk fiber embellishments can then be added to the surface. After trying out many fiber arts, including devoting ten years to hand weaving, instructor Janis Merkle discovered wet felting several years ago. She comments, "The transformation of loose wool fiber into felt using only soapy water seemed magical. The process of wet felting involves an element of serendipity, which increases its appeal for me." Merkle creates one-of-a-kind scarves and decorative felt vessels under the name Primrose Fiber Arts. The class fee for members of Monroe Arts Center is $45 plus a $15 supply fee, and the class fee for non-members is $50 plus a $15 supply fee. Provided supplies include wool roving and embellishment materials. Registration deadline is June 22. To register or for information call 608-325-5700 or in person at Monroe Arts Center, 1315 11th Street. Class size is limited.